Starter Marriage

Starter Marriage:

Does Practice Really Make Perfect?

Starter marriage

Until recently I had never heard the term ‘Starter Marriage’. Oxford Dictionary defines this term as “a short-lived first marriage between young adults, viewed as a form of preparation for a subsequent, more lasting one with different partners”. Usually there are no children and little assets. In many facets of life, the more we strive to improve our skills, the more accomplished we will likely become. No one of sound mind, if given a choice, would wish to go through all the pain that comes with divorce.

Can the experience of a starter marriage actually improve future relationships? Can we learn valuable lessons from a ‘trial run’? At Alberta Divorce Finances we always profess that education is power. The lesson of rushing into a marriage is rarely forgotten; perhaps our decision making skills the next time will be more developed. Failure to discuss important issues in a young marriage can teach us the value of honest, open communication. Surviving divorce and living on our own can help us develop strength and self-esteem. It may in fact take the experience of a first marriage to realize that finding someone with whom you can be yourself is most critical.

Today’s millennials are among the most educated generation. Mistakes are opportunities to learn! Let’s hope that millennials will learn that pain and loss are not as easy as a Facebook post to simply swipe away. For those who don’t succeed in a long term marriage initially, hopefully those lessons will turn into a ‘happily ever after’ the next time around.