Do People Really Reconsider the Decision to Divorce?

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Do People Really Reconsider the Decision to Divorce?

A recent University of Alberta study says that half of those thinking about divorce reconsider a year later. They interviewed married people in the U.S. from the ages of 25-50. “The study suggests half of those considering divorce had a significant change in their feelings when they were asked again a year later,” (they point out that in 1 in 4 marriages, divorce had been contemplated)

The findings are intriguing and we have a couple of thoughts. Firstly, many of our clients share the details of their decision-making process and rarely is divorce a “rash” decision; many people have taken a great deal of time to make the decision and have proposed or pursued counselling with their spouse or partner. Secondly, at the younger end of the spectrum of the study, divorce doesn’t occur nearly as often as it does with men and women 35 and over. Thus, perhaps in the early days of marriage and in our younger years, we are more hopeful and determined. Lastly, many people who initially contemplate divorce do not understand the financial implications; once educated, they do sometimes change their mind or focus more intently on their marital issues.

Divorce is a life-altering decision for everyone involved. Those who proceed make the decision for different reasons under different circumstances. Education will ensure that all the emotional and financial ramifications are thoroughly considered. The staff at Alberta Divorce Finances are available to support you in understanding what your financial future would look like.

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