New Service Offering for Family Lawyers

Can We Send You More Referrals?

New Service Offering for Family Lawyers

New Service Offering for Family LawyersAlberta Divorce Finances has enjoyed strong and mutually beneficial relationships with the Calgary Family Law community, Financial Advisors, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Psychologists, Social Workers and so many more. We appreciate that you have trusted us with your clients at the most difficult time in their lives. Our work is incredibly rewarding.

At Alberta Divorce Finances, we have taken the time over the years to learn more about your business and the clients you enjoy working with. We wanted to touch base to not only remind you of the ways in which we support professionals and their clients through the divorce process but to learn even more about you.

Most clients ask us for referrals and we like to be certain that a client is the right fit for you so if you have a chance, please take a few minutes to email or message us about your ideal client; it will help us to refer the “right” client.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about the services that Alberta Divorce Finances offers Family Lawyers, Mediators and their clients:

q NEW SERVICE OFFERING: For ½ hour to 1 hour of time, we will review proposed legal separation agreements to ensure all of the tax issues and tax return claims have been addressed to better protect you and your clients.

q PERSONAL INCOME TAX RETURN PREPARATION: Guidance on the Eligible Dependent Issue and other Tax Return Issue (check out our new website at CalgarysChoiceTaxServices.com)


q CHILDVIEW CALCULATIONS: For both Child Support and Spousal Support including Section 7 expenses

q GUIDANCE AND EXPLAINATION: The Financial and Tax Implications of Settlement Proposals

q FUTURE CASHFLOW PROJECTIONS: Will I have enough money to live?

q BUDGETING AND PLANNING SUPPORT: Development of Schedule ‘A’ (Net Worth Spreadsheet)

q SUPPORT FOR YOUR FINANCIALLY LESS EDUCATED CLIENTS: We will spend the time you don’t have to educate your client on all of the details of the pertinent financial items and options (through our 7-step process)

q LUNCH AND LEARN SEMINARS: Many different topics (any new ideas are welcome)

We are always available to come speak to your firm or organization!

A 50/50 Property Split is Not Always Equal!

Let’s Bring Financial Clarity to Divorce


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