Why TAX RETURN issues NEED to be in your agreement!

 Save thousands of dollars!

This Event is for those going through separation and divorce! 

You must know about tax claims and benefits available to separated parents and the spousal support deduction before you sign your agreement!!!
Why should separating/divorcing parents negotiate tax credits, deductions and benefits?
Everything you need to know about the tax credits, deductions and benefits with respect to children and the issue of spousal support that you MUST negotiate  in your separation agreement! CRA expects it!!

Your final agreement must include agreed upon tax deductions, credits and benefits! Revenue Canada expects it! You could be missing out on thousands of dollars!! Ensure tax items are part of your final agreement so you don't have disagreement after the fact!
Your lawyer should not be your income tax expert!! Most often these items are not included in separation agreements.
It seems no one realizes that there are numerous tax deductions, tax credits and tax benefits with respect to children that separating or divorcing parents should negotiate as part of their separation agreement. Most often these items are left out and ex-spouses are left to fight it out come tax time.
These issues are often complicated and you must get experts involved. You may get different answers depending on where you look and who you ask but look and ask no further. You need answers to these important questions!
What will you learn at this presentation?
  • How can you get more $ out of your tax return?
  • Does the date of separation matter?
  • Everything you always wanted to know about tax credits, deductions and benefits in separation/divorce!
  • What if children are a factor in your separation/divorce?
  • What are the advantages and savings of certain claims?
 Three reasons to attend:
  • Education is the key to making good decisions
  • Being an empowered decision maker will put you in control of your financial future
Understanding the facts will help you to remove the emotions from decision-making!


Sharon Numerow



Divorce and Your Tax Return?
Are you missing out on thousands of dollars?



Sharon Numerow, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

President & Founder of Alberta Divorce Finances and Calgary's Choice Tax Services