Property Division: 

Is A 50/50 Property Split Always Fair?

Everything You Need to Know About Property Division, the Implications and the LAW!

A divorce can be devastating emotionally and financially. Assuming that a 50/50 Property split is always equal may be a big mistake. Do you understand the requirements of property division? 
How will you decide what to retain? What if your ex-spouse won't disclose? 


What will you learn at this presentation?

  • What is involved in property division?
  • How will you decide what property to retain?
  • What are the crucial legal factors you need to know?
  • What are some of the tax implications?
  • How does the financial decision making fit in?

Three reasons to attend:

  • Education is the key to making good decisions
  • Being an empowered decision maker will put you in control of your financial future
  • Understanding the facts will help you to remove the emotions from decision-making


Sharon Numerow
Sharon Numerow
  Topic: Is 50/50 Always Fair? The financial and tax implications and more!


   Sharon Numerow:

   President & Founder of Alberta Divorce Finances




Laurie M. Anderson
 Topic: Property Division Entitlement, Disclosure and More

 Laurie Anderson, Family Lawyer Calgary Family Law Associates

 Calgary Family Law Associates