List of Your “Must Haves”?

Have You Made a List of Your “Must Haves”?

Must Haves: Alberta Divorce Finances

Before embarking on divorce negotiations you should definitely identify your priorities. You need to decide what you can and cannot live without; you must haves. If you don’t really know what your priorities are, you won’t know what to ask for – and what to fight for, if necessary – and what you can live without. Saying “I want it all!” is useful neither to you nor your lawyer. Make a short list of your “Must-Haves” and please be prepared to compromise on everything else. Identify your priorities before entering into serious negotiations and share this information with your lawyer and/or mediator. At some point you will need to face the fact that it is unlikely that either of you will get everything that you would like. Negotiations should be all about “give and take”. Identifying your priorities will help you be more focused and consequently successful in negotiating your settlement.

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