Las Vegas….Not just for weddings anymore!

Las Vegas….Not just for weddings anymore!


Over the last few years a new industry has emerged in “The City of Lights” Divorce Party Planning. BBC reported in November of 2014 that Glynda Rhodes, a long-time Vegas Events Planner, started a new business planning divorce parties. Her set packages include “Barely Survived”, “Self Sufficient”, and “I Got It All”. The popular package, “Glocked and Loaded”, was featured in the article by Barbara Balfour, a Business reporter for BBC News. 

Admittedly, I have never been a fan nor proponent of ‘divorce parties’ though I know clients that have hosted meaningful ceremonies and gatherings which they felt strongly were vital to their ability to move forward. That is quite different though than taking a group of friends to a shooting range in Vegas to ‘blast up your wedding gown’.  

Divorce for nearly everyone will be the most difficult, emotional and stressful time in their life. Proponents and planners believe that divorce parties are the ritual we humans need to cope with this difficult life transition. Some feel that a divorce party is an opportunity to vent, to cry, laugh, yell, whatever you need to do, in the company of loving friends and family. Others believe that the party can also be a great way the newly divorced person can thank all the people who stood by them through the ordeal of separation.

Each of us will choose to move forward the best way that we can. If you choose to host a divorce party ‘Vegas-Style’, just keep in mind…..sometimes what happens in Vegas, DOESN’T stay in Vegas!