Don’t Forget About Investments and Insurance When Divorcing

Include Investments and insurance in your settlement negotiations

Investments and Insurance

Benjamin Franklin once said that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. As you know, our passion at Alberta Divorce Finances is the education and empowerment of men and women on the journey of separation and divorce.  This month’s Lunch and Learn topic is all about education in the area of investments and insurance during separation/divorce negotiations.

Decisions must be made with respect to investments, yet it is a subject that most people know very little about. Most investments have future financial and tax implications that you need to know about before you decide what to retain and what to give up. Also, the associated risk of your investment’s portfolio is something that you should research with a professional. Finally, what effect does this have on your ability to invest post-divorce?

Most people don’t consider the topic of insurance at all relevant to divorce. There is a great deal to learn about not only the value of your policies but the need for insurance to secure future support.

 Although investments and insurance have never earned the notoriety of topics such as the matrimonial home or spousal support, they are important critical decision points in negotiating a settlement.

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