Cheaters Beware: Ashley Madison Database Hacked

According to leaked data, over 100,000 Calgarians have signed up for Ashley Madison!

Ashley Madison Hacking

Ashley Madison Database Hacked

The tagline of the infidelity website AshleyMadison.com is
“Life is Short, Have an Affair!”

It is a site where until now, those looking to have an affair could go discretely to meet others looking for the same thing. It is a worldwide website with over 35 million subscribers.

In mid-July hackers claimed that they had accessed the company’s database. Trusted Sec Chief Executive Dave Kennedy said the information dump included full names, passwords, street addresses, credit card information and “an extensive amount of internal data.” “I’m sure there are millions of Ashley Madison users who wish it weren’t so, but there is every indication this dump is the real deal,” security researcher Brian Krebs shared on his blog.

The analysis firm dadaviz has also analyzed the demographics of users and astonishingly there are approximately 107,000 users from right here in Calgary. (reported on QR77 and Global today).

If we put that in perspective, we are a city of approximately 1.25 million. If we excluded minors, single people not in relationships and the elderly (not saying they aren’t capable) and from that remaining percentage of our population, over 100,000 people have accessed this site at one time or another in the past 7 years?? It leaves us speechless for sure!

The Washington Post today reported on many of the responding tweets from the public quoting one man as saying “Sometimes hackers can actually do a lot of good for society”.

The FBI is now investigating…..