Can pre-nups ever be romantic?

Can pre-nups ever be romantic?

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I have lost count of the number of times I have heard “I didn’t ask for a pre-nup (pre-nuptial or pre-marital agreement) because it wouldn’t have been romantic”. In other words, when couples are about to embark on their journey together, they don’t want to think about the future prospect of divorce. Requesting a pre-nup shatters that fantasy.

The Merriam-Webster simple definition of romantic is “doing and saying things to show that you love someone”. If you truly love your fiancé, wouldn’t it then be a true act of love to sign a pre-nup? You would be declaring that you value the hard work they’ve done to accumulate assets over their lifetime. You are showing that you honour their efforts by agreeing that what’s theirs before the marriage remains theirs, and that the associated increases do too.

Though asking for a pre-nup is born out of logic and may destroy the image of a forever fantasy, it can most certainly be a spouse-to-be’s first romantic gesture.