Can ‘Pokemon Go’ Really Ruin a Marriage?

Can ‘Pokemon Go’ Really Ruin a Marriage?

Pokemon_Go: Alberta Divorce Finances

Admittedly, I don’t know much about the new era of Pokémon sweeping the world. When my children were young they had the video game, card game and figurines. My son even wrote tales about Pokémon at school (it was not his finest work). The new mobile game, however, takes people out of their homes, chasing characters all over the streets of their city. Rob Fahey at gamesindustry.biz writes, “demanding that people actually go out and explore the world around them is a pretty big departure from the usual mobile game fare of idly flicking thumbs across a screen”. Fahey goes on to write that Pokémon GO is the perfect marriage of intellectual property, gameplay and technology.

BUT, can Pokémon GO be part of a perfect marriage or a contributor to its demise?

I met with a client recently who is contemplating divorce. She said the problems her and her husband already had in their marriage are compounded by her husband’s recent obsession with this new game. At first she thought he was cheating, but then found him at a local gathering place, meeting new friends sharing the quest to capture yet another Pikachu.

Fortunately, time has shown that preoccupation with the latest crazes tend to wane over time. If not, perhaps their next date night could be at his next Pokestop?!

pokemon-go: Alberta Divorce Finances