What is your money personality?

Most of us have heard that money is often the catalyst to a couple’s separation and divorce. Many of us have a difficult time keeping our relationships even keel when it comes to money. In one of my newsletter, reference was made to a quiz on money personalities. The author’s point was that we often…


Co-operate with your ex when it comes to your children

Hopefully, summer is finally here to stay. The warm sun seems to feel so good when we have been deprived for so long. For those of you with children, summer often means vacation, entertaining children, camp, and trips to the beach and enjoying down time. For families going through separation/divorce, it often also includes the…


A house is just a house until you ‘make it a home’

After my recent purchase of a home in Lethbridge (my son attends university there), I was reminded of how much work, how much detail and how much time can be consumed by this exciting venture. There are things to handle before closing like insurance, utilities, and lawyer’s documents. Then of course there are all of…


Going through divorce and in the dark about family finances?

Are you realizing as you go through divorce that you know little about your family finances? As we at Alberta Divorce Finances are constantly preaching, education is POWER in divorce! We are meeting with more and more men and women who were uninvolved or who have little knowledge of their family financial situation. When we…


Helping divorcing couples keep their money from the tax man

Well, we at Alberta Divorce Finances have survived another tax season (as most of you know we also spend 2 months of the year preparing over 200 tax returns). It was extremely busy this year but as always, very rewarding. It gives us great pleasure to keep money in our clients’ pockets (legally of course)…



Thank goodness it seems like spring has actually arrived. With spring’s arrival it always seems as if there is a renewed sense of hope and optimism. Spring also seems to bring with it a sense of urgency to get things done. For men and women going through divorce this sometimes translates into rushing through divorce…


Happy New Year

The New Year is often an exciting time for most of us. We look forward to new plans, dreams and challenges. We set goals for ourselves to ensure our course for both personal and business success. If you or someone you know is going through divorce though, the message of “Happy New Year” often does…


Should you keep the house as part of your divorce settlement?

The decision to keep the matrimonial home as part of your divorce decision is often an emotional one but there are many considerations before committing. At least one parent of the relationship often wants to keep the house for stability for the children.  As parents we all want what is best for our children, but…