Are You Considering Divorce?

Are You Considering Divorce?

Are You Considering Divorce: Alberta Divorce Finances

Is this you?

You find yourself contemplating divorce or going through a divorce and are doing your best to manage your emotions. You have been married for more than 10 years and your total family income supports your family, a home, and possibly other investments and assets. Although you are separating, you are both still able to co-exist and/or communicate to some extent. You are certainly not out to “stick it to each other”. You believe that you are both willing to be reasonable and fair.

Educate and empower!

You and your spouse both know that lawyers can be very expensive and you don’t really want those huge bills. Your preference would be to avoid that type of process for the most part. You may not have been as involved in your family’s finances as you know you should have and are worried about your financial future now that you are going to be on your own. You know you need to gather as much information as possible to ensure that you make the best financial choices. You think that you need to speak to a financial expert about dividing your property since your home is not your only asset but are not sure where to turn.

You have a choice

Lawyers, mediators, and financial planners can all play a role in divorce but none are well– equipped to discuss divorce finances. You need a divorce financial expert. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ helps clients determine the short–term and long–term financial impact of any proposed divorce settlement. Pre–divorce, they can provide you with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the implications of the decisions you will make with respect to your assets and liabilities. They also provide valuable information on all financial issues that must be considered in your divorce and explain the impact of the tax consequences.

Alberta Divorce Finances are divorce finance experts who can help to empower you to make educated financial decisions during divorce negotiations.